Sustainable living to suit your style

Glavin Homes is one of only two Clark County home builders certified to National Green Building Standards. That means your home can be built to the highest levels of sustainability with maximum energy efficiency, minimum environmental impact, and ultimate livability.

We specialize in Energy Star and National Green Building Standards certified homes. Depending on the number of green practices used in design and construction, a NGBS home can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald certification.

Whatever your price point, Glavin Homes can help you select green building options for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient home. Ask if the following green options are available for your home:

  • Energy Star Certified
  • National Green Building Standards Certified
  • Furnace/Duct work in conditioned space. This prevents a 25% energy loss during air distribution
  • Advanced framing techniques use more insulation and result in less energy loss through walls. This also conserves natural resources by using less wood.
  • Best practices in air infiltration barriers—including sealing exterior wall plates, behind exterior wall tubs, and all penetrations
  • Tyvek drain wrap at exterior—including sealing all seams and penetrations
  • Blown In Blanket (BIB) insulation
  • No incandescent light bulbs, all CFL or LED used. (Some exceptions for appliances apply.)
  • No- to low-VOC products when available

Contact Glavin Homes to learn why a local home builder is your best choice for your green certified home.