Glavin Homes Likes Blue.

In an earlier post and photo, the outside of Glavin’s Parade house was blue. Now it is also blue inside. Why is this? This blue product is manufactured by Knauf. It is an environmentally friendly sealant called ECOSEAL. Glavin Homes has only applied this one other time. It is not a common practice in the home building industry. Maybe it should be? As tight as new homes are air and moisture still wick their way through walls. By applying a sealant at virtually every joint, air and moisture are greatly impeded from moving through the wall cavities. This is a non-toxic product as evidenced by the person applying the product not having to wear any special protective gear. The National Association of Homebuilders, NAHB, has a vigorous Green Building Certification program, called National Green Building Standard, NGBS. Glavin Homes’ goal is to have their 2014 Parade Of Homes certified at the Gold level. More about that in another Post.





Blue Rigid Foam Board House

Why is our house blue? This blue rigid foam board is one of the many advanced energy features that Glavin Homes will be presenting in the 2014 NW Natural Parade of Homes. Besides the R21 in the walls this rigid board adds an additional R5 around the entire exterior of the house. Did you know that every 2X6 only has an R5 insulating property? This means that at the exterior walls where there is a stud, beam, corner, or any piece of wood the effective R-value at this point is R5. Most houses have a stud every 16″, plus all the extra wood for other purposes. This means that a standard code house, that is supposed to be R21, has an effective R-value of R11 to R13. By putting R5, around the entire exterior of the house, the effective R value of the walls is increased, approximately, by a whopping 28% to 33%! This is just one of the things that Glavin Homes is doing. Stay tuned for more.